Everyone Loves Getting These Shots

Maximize Your Party Power. Experience The belt.
Load up, strap on, and shoot shots of your favorite beverage with the Shotbelt. This patented beverage dispensing system creates instant fame and fun for the belt wearer. It’s the perfect accessory for your party wardrobe, ideally complementing any lamp shade head gear.

At Shotbelt.com our goal is delivering fun. It all began the night the good time gods descended on - well, we'll call him Floyd - at 2 a.m. Floyd woke up with the Shotbelt idea and immediately felt like partying. The next morning, after a trip to the hardware store and some innovative thinking, he handcrafted the original Shotbelt for a friend’s birthday party. The belt drew instant attention at the party and Floyd became as popular as water in the desert. Since then the Shotbelt has accompanied Floyd to many social gatherings and special events.

From tailgating to concerts; birthday parties to graduations, the Shotbelt always attracts admirers, starts conversations, creates friendships and raises the party power.

So explore this site, have fun, drink responsibly, and experience the belt.


United States Patent No. D522.744

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